Child labor on Blantyre and Limbe Market, Malawi

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Market Scene in Limbe, Malawi, Copyright: Johannes Schäfer

Market Scene in Limbe, Malawi, Copyright: Johannes Schäfer

Malawian journalist Terence Mwamlima investigates the actual presence of child labor in two market scenes in Malawi’s economic capital Blantyre. Together with a Human Rights reporter he throws a light on children’s involvement on the daily urban street businesses and talks to several institutions about child labor in Malawi.

According to the report, many children move from the tea and tobacco estates in the rural areas to the urban business areas. Among such places are Limbe and Blantyre Market in particular. Especially so-called ‘Jumbo-Business’ is attractive to children in the market areas because they need little investment into plastic bags and can easily sell those on the markets. Sometimes these children do such jobs besides school but others are often moving around on the markets not attending classes in order to support family members or to look out for themselves.


Watch Mwamlima’s report about child labor in urban Blantyre and Limbe:

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