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© Jessica Duensing

Open access to (academic) knowledge © Jessica Duensing

No word limitations and a free choice of topics. With our new academia section we want to extend the current publishing habits. The platform is meant to allow especially young academics and students to publish their work.

We, the editorial collective behind want to implement an additional publication platform into our project, which is meant to expand relevant academic journals. It happens often enough that young academics and students are given obstacles in their way. For instance, sometimes a payment is said to be necessary only to get you even a little closer to publishing your work. None of that goes for eufrika. As a non-profit project, we offer you the chance to get your thoughts out there free of charge.

Besides that we try to overcome the obstacle one could call “academic hierarchy”, which grants access to publication channels to long experienced and so-called senior researchers. We believe that everyone should have the chance to spread his or her words, no matter how many pieces one has previously published.

Especially in an academic environment, a lot of texts and knowledge is produced by young academics and students, but after grading or the end of courses and seminars, this newly acquired body of knowledge is not further used. What a waste that is!

Therefore, we understand eufrika academia – just like our overall project – as an open source platform where knowledge can be gathered and spread freely. We want to encourage you to share your ideas and knowledge and help build this network. So please feel free to send in your proposals to and help us build the bridge between journalistic coverage and academic writing.

We’re looking forward to what you are up to!

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