DRC: A joint statement “…welcomes the successful holding of the elections despite the numerous challenges”

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Joint statement from Wednesday 30 November 2011

Joint statement from Wednesday 30 November 2011

Yesterday four out of the 11 presidential candidates still called for the annulment of ongoing presidential- and parliament elections because of countrywide irregularities. They plead for ballot rigging. Today five observing African organizations published an official joint declaration wherein they called the elections a success for the DR Congo.
Altogether they are five big organizations which signed the joint declaration: the African Union (AU), Southern African Development Community (SADC), Economic Community of the Central African States (ECCAS), International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA).
The declaration partly states:

…Further appreciate the will, enthusiasm and large turn out by the Congolese
people during the elections.
… Welcomes the successful holding of the elections despite the numerous
challenges which the country is confronted with and have note the technical and
logistical challenges that over shadowed the holding of the elections.
… Appeal to all the Congolese Political stakeholders to continue to show a high
sense of responsibility by accepting the outcome of the polls, and should there
be any dispute due legal processes should be pursued.

According to BBC election commission chief Daniel Ngoy Mulunda said:

There’s nothing to make us annul these elections, truly nothing, we aren’t even thinking of it

While these official statements made publicly clear that the elections will not be annulled and they are seen as a success for the country, the oppositional candidates are still pleading for an annulment.
Besides that, today some polling stations were opened again. Among others some were even opened for voters in Kinshasa. Electoral material still had not reached the stations and voters were sent away on Monday and yesterday. Some sources even talk about millions of voters who could not make use of their right to vote because of either missing material or already signed polling papers.
In the meantime the election commission announced the announcement of the official election result on the sixth of December.

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