Historic Days in Egypt: Voting for a new President

Wednesday 23rd, May 2012 / 23:33 Written by

 In Egypt the first of two days in the ongoing presidential election process has ended with observers stating vivid participation and good chances for at least five out of twelve candidates.

The elections are considered a historic step towards a truly free democratic future. It was made possible by the popular uprising 15 months ago that led to the ousting of Hosni Mubarak.

Unlike last year’s parliamentary elections, economic issues – not religious ones – are foremost on voters’ minds’,  says Kersten Knipp in an article for dw.de.

Close Look at Digital Egypt

Using a new approach, the online project oafrica.com tries to analyse shifts in public opinion in egypt by scanning tweets dealing with popular candidates.

Longtime user cyberandy has created a data stream that grabs tweets about the Election – based on certain tags (see below) – and estimates sentiment. All information is provided for free.

See the full article at oafrica.com: “Monitor the online social sentiment behind the Egyptian presidential elections

Kersten Knipp for dw.de: “Economy trumps religion in Egypt’s election

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