Joyce Banda’s speech to the Nations in New York

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Malawi’s current president Joyce Banda addressed the General Assembly of the United Nations in New York for the first time during her presidency. After the sudden death of late president Bingu wa Mutharika, Joyce Banda took over all governmental issues and became president of the Republic of Malawi.
In her passionate speech in New York, Banda expressed her gratitude to the world leaders and her African colleagues in particular for supporting Malawi and its new government in the transitional phase. According to her it illustrated once more that African nations are standing together in tough periods and can manage to overcome national as well as regional crisis together.
Besides that Banda expressed her proud of being the second woman in the office of the president in Africa after the era of independence in the 1960s.

During her speech, Joyce Banda further said:

My vision specifically is to transform Malawi to become one of the fastest growing African economies in the next decade. […] For me growth is about wealth and prosperity for all. Opportunity for all. Happiness for all. Political and economic freedom for all.

In general, the president’s speech was a speech for the people of Malawi, for a future full of opportunities not only for the country itself but for all Malawians. In her encouraging speech Joyce Banda did not leave the enormous challenges of Malawi unmentioned but she pointed out the importance of all Malawians joining hands for a future full of opportunities and growth for a prospering Malawi of tomorrow.

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