New President in Malawi: Joyce Banda sworn in

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 After Malawi’s President Hon. Bingu wa Mutharika suddenly died last Thursday, one of his most important critics, oppositional Joyce Banda has been sworn in as following leader of the Malawian nation.

Since the constitution explicitly states that the Vice president is supposed to take over all presidential tasks in case of the death of the President, every attempt to position Bingu’s brother Peter Mutharika as the head of the state failed.

During the ceremony at the National Assembly on last Saturday in Lilongwe, Joyce Banda thanked all gathered MPs and other political individuals.

She further pointed out how important it is that the Malawian people now stand together and stay calm.

One of Banda’s first announcement as Malawi’s President was declaring a period of national mourning to remember Bingu wa Mutharika.

While the particular section of the Malawian constitution was fortunately followed, it remains to be seen how the political atmosphere in Malawi develops. In the worst case, the different political camps are going to dispute about following steps towards a stabile Malawi.


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