“Spoken word is liberal” | Interview

Sunday 12th, July 2015 / 12:25 Written by

 In the last ten years a vital spoken words scene developed in Kenya´s capital city Nairobi. The Kenyan media covers the scene regularly, there are a lot of events every week and the scene develops fast. While speaking with Kenyan spoken words artist Dorphan, we identify the special feature of spoken words in Kenya, its difference to hip-hop and its role in creating a society of free speech and mind.

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About the author

Daniel Koßmann is an undergraduate student of Area Studies Asia/Africa at the Humboldt University Berlin with focus mainly on (East) Africa and an active member of AfricAvenir International e.V. Besides his studies he captures the world around him with his camera. Follow him on twitter via @d_kori or check out his photos on korispective.de.

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