The Fate of a Migrant: Somalian Sport Star Samia Yusuf Omar is dead

Wednesday 22nd, August 2012 / 21:20 Written by

 The death of Somalian athlete Samia Yusuf Omar has caused widespread reactions in European media and sheds a light on the fate of thousands of unknown migrants, desperately trying to reach Europe. According to reports, the Somalian sprinter was trying to make her way to the Olympic Games in London crossing the Mediterranean Sea by boat.

Official numbers are talking about 6.000 drowned migrants a year”, the German news magazine “Spiegel” cites the mayor of Lampedusa, Giusi Nicolini. “But we all know only too good, and the story of Samia prooves it again, that there are many more victims.”

Read the whole story on  “Somalia Olympic runner ‘drowns trying to reach Europe’ “Somali inspiration battles against the odds

Olympia-Sportlerin auf Flüchtlingsboot verschollen“:

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