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Wondering why so little is happening on the last days? Well, behind the scenes we are diligently working on our brand-new website. Here’s an insight into all those ideas buzzing in our heads.

There’s still loads of work ahead before we can finally re-launch our custom designed homepage as expected soon. Until then, here’s our vision and how you can help us realize it…

We are currently editing our first special feature – Africa’s Digital Revolution – which will give you a profound overview over the latest developments from the world of bits, bytes and benefits.

This will only be the trigger for our higher ambitions in mind, though. With opinon pieces, background analysis, a steady flow of brief newsflahs, exclusive interviews, podcasts and other formats we want to further push the limits of an up-to-date, beyond the news coverage on two neighbouring world regions. believes in the power and the mutual benefit of civil-societal commitment, the free flow of information as the basis of fair politics, the basic equality of all and the cultural evolution of the internet as the most important transboundary medium of communication of humankind.

The website is run by a team of voluntary idealists bringing together a whole bunch of qualitites: journalistic practice, a platform with global reach, expert knowledge in various fields, professional contacts, technical know-how and experience – all of these combined in a lab environment for media experiments.

Help us expand our coverage and broaden the perspective! Join our editorial board or simply send in your contributions. Contact us:

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